Rural India Community Systems

Over 600 million people in India defecate in the open, causing the spread of diseases, causing disastrous consequences on social, economic, and health outcomes. Billions of dollars are spent each year trying to treat waterborne illnesses that are caused by open defecation.


Inadequate access to toilets is particularly disadvantageous for women, who experience a unique set of challenges, especially while menstruating. We are working with SHRI who operate in Bihar and Jharkhand, two north Indian states, which are two of the poorest in India. Over 110 million of the 135 million people living in Bihar and Jharkhand defecate in the open, crippling health, social, and economic outcomes.

We are developing a community biogas sanitation system that treats wastewater onsite in two days, reducing the size of the system and the risk of water contamination compared to anaerobic digesters. The system produces methane that can be used to generate electricity to power a water purification system to provide clean drinking water to the communities.

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