• Madelaine Codecido

World Bank Water Week 2019

WASE was very excited to participate at the 2019 World Bank Water Week, held in Washington, D.C. The three-day event hosted a congregation of World Bank staff, country leaders, and innovators, including 25 exclusively selected start-ups, working together to tackle the water and sanitation crisis. Among the activities were conferences and workshops in which the participants connected to discuss topics such as water security, agriculture, the water economy, sustaining resources, water supply and sanitation.

World Bank Water Week 2019 in Washington, D.C.

CEO Thomas Fudge was invited to present a quick-fire speech to an audience of 600; the seats were filled with influential government officials, politicians, and top business leaders in the world of water and sanitation.

“The event was a fantastic opportunity to present on the global stage. We had a lot of excitement about WASE and our decentralised circular solution. We are looking forward to working with the World Bank in the future to help provide sanitation and energy to all.” - Thomas Fudge, CEO

Water Week attendees were able to visit the WASE stall for a demonstration of the system, discussing implementation of the decentralised container-based system that incorporates the circular economy, generating energy that can be used for cooking and electricity and treating wastewater that can be transformed into fertiliser or filtered for reuse, especially in locations that lack resources.

Water Week yielded a fruitful experience, allowing makers and changers to promote their mission of sustaining water resources by building on their knowledge resources.

“The main take away from the event was the need for decentralised container-based solutions that can be implemented into both rural and urban cities where centralised systems are not fit for purpose.” - Thomas Fudge, CEO


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