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Why interns are great.

Before we discuss how great interns are, we want to take a moment to thank all of the fantastic interns that have helped us since the start. Every one of them has provided a great boost to WASE, bringing new knowledge, ideas and personalities into the team.

Having new talent join for short periods has enabled us to launch our first pilot system in Italy, start a multitude of experiments and develop new market opportunities. They have supported us on our journey to treat 2.3 billion litres of water by 2030. Enabling WASE to tackle the sanitation crisis and make a start on helping the 2.3 billion people who do not have safe sanitation.

Nevena - Analysing wastewater for coliforms, ensuring the water is now safe.
“I wanted to thank you again for this internship. It was very rewarding. Indeed, it allowed me to learn several things.” Nevena – Chemical Engineer Intern

We would recommend all organisations to bring interns into the organisation to work on new, exciting ideas and bring fresh energy and life into a team. Who knows where the new paths may take your organisation!

As WASE grows, we believe it is very important to remember those who helped you gain success, supporting and maintaining relations with past interns/employees is one way in which we plan to achieve this.

“My internship with WASE offered me an insight into the foundations and growth of a business. The experience taught me the value of resourcefulness and creativity in endeavours that would otherwise seem impossible or unattainable. The supportive atmosphere in the office encouraged me to seek solutions without the fear of harsh criticism; instead, I received useful feedback that guided me towards a better result. I would recommend this experience to anyone wishing to gain a better understanding of their career path.” Madelaine – Sustainable Business Development Intern


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