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UK Energy Innovation Awards

WASE is excited to announce that we have been nominated by the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2019, in not one but FOUR categories! It is an immense honour to be nominated. There are so many companies doing great work in the energy sector, innovating and finding new and creative ways for green and sustainable technology like we are.

WASE is striving to create sustainable solutions for providing sanitation, clean water and sustainable energy. We hope that this year's awards will help bring more attention to the issues millions of people around the globe are facing; from no access to sanitation, limited access to electricity and sustainable cooking fuels.

WASE is nominated for:

Best Innovation: Water

Best Emerging Cross-Vector Technology

Social Impact Award

CEO Thomas Fudge for the Young Innovator of the Year

"It’s fantastic to receive the recognition for our team's hard work and dedication to our mission." - CEO Thomas Fudge

There is a pressing need for new solutions, business models, approaches and legislation to be implemented now, to create a sustainable future for everyone. We are proud to be a part of the growing community where their sole goal is working to provide a better sustainable future.

We wish everyone nominated good luck in this year’s awards. Being nominated across multiple categories is an honour, but we are not the only company to have that privilege, so we suggest that you see for yourself this years’ nominees shortlist to see what amazing and exciting things are happening in the UK's energy sector and energy innovations of the future.


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