Providing Sanitation & Energy to All





Because we all deserve access to clean water and the dignity of a toilet


Sustainable Wastewater Consultation

Our team of experts can help design custom sustainable wastewater treatment systems to suit your needs. 

Decentralised Wastewater Treatment

We are leading experts in Biological Electro-chemical wastewater treatment solutions for decentralised wastewater treatment and energy production.

Remote Sanitation Solutions

Our mission is to eradicate poor sanitation and we have developed solutions to solve the various needs of under-served communities.



At WASE we develop decentralised wastewater treatment systems that embrace a circular economy to recover energy, nutrients, and water in wastewater.




We are dependent on water for all parts of our life. It is a core part of the Water-Energy-Food nexus which shows the intricate links between these three key pillars that supports our life and society.


We believe that resource recovery is essential to a sustainable future and wastewater is an abundant resource that we need to tap into.



Eradicate poor living conditions by providing sustainable solutions to provide sanitation and clean water to everyone who needs it, 

Inadequate Sanitation

Water Infrastructure








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